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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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Percussion & Instrument Manufacturers at Artdrum.com

Percussion Instruments Gong Gongs Taye Drums DrumsDarbukaRhythm House Drums - hand-made djembes, djuns, ashikos Paiste Bongo - Conga - Drum Toca percussion  Percussion

African Drums & Percussion

African Djembes & Percussion - Artdrum has been a dealer for authentic African djembes since 2001.  Currently we offer many of the finest rope tuned and mechanically tuned djembes.  We have djembes for players of all levels.  We sell the renowned Kangaba djembes from Mali,  RHD hand made djembes from USA (North Carolina), Toca rope tuned and LP mechanically tuned djembes.


Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals - Artdrum has been an authorized Istanbul Mehmet dealer since 2002.  Istanbul Mehmet cymbals have some devoted uses.  And it's understandable.  Their cymbals are unique, of the highest quality and sound amazing!

Sabian Cymbals - Artdrum has been an authorized Sabian dealer since 2005.  The Sabian team of cymbal makers are arguably the most experienced cymbal makers in the world today.  Sabian cymbals are innovative, fun and sound amazing! Sabian has cymbals for every musical style and budget.  Furthermore, we discount all their cymbals - they are regularly 40% off and more! 

Wuhan Cymbals  Artdrum has been an authorized Wuhan cymbal (& gong) dealer since 2002.  For their cymbals Wuhan makes authentic Chinese style cymbals, such as China Cymbals & Chung Cymbals as well as excellent, high quality, yet affordable Western style cymbals. 

Drums Set Manufacturers

Taye Drum Sets Artdrum has been a Taye dealer since 2010.  Taye has been a leading contractor to make drum sets for other manufacturers for over 30 years.  Now they also make have their own line of kits.  Their have an very extensive line of drums, parts and kits for all playing levels.  All their drums, kits & hardware is made with excellent workmanship, materials and designs.  And their pro drums, kits & hardware are among the best in the industry.

Cannon Drum Sets - Artdrum has been an authorized Cannon dealer since 2002.  We offer Cannon's affordable and solid entry and intermediate kits. For the money Cannon make great drum kits.

Drum & Percussion Hardware

Gibraltar - Artdrum has been an authorized Gibraltar Hardware dealer since 2006.  Gibraltar is The hardware company. They have a large and out lines of bass pedals, thrones, drum & percussion stands, including conga & gong stands.  Gibraltar designs their stands and much of their hardware to the specs of instruments made by other manufacturers.

Latin Percussion, Brazilian Percussion & World Percussion

Latin Percussion Music Artdrum has been an official & registered LP dealer since 2002.  LP Music makes some many greatest hand drums & percussion in the industry, including  congas, bongos, timbales, djembes, udus, Brazilian percussion, hardware & accessories & so much more LP's drums & percussion set a high standard for the Latin percussion & drum industry at large.  LP's instruments and accessories are fun, durable & sound awesome! 

Toca Percussion - Artdrum has been a registered Toca dealer since 2005.  We carry all Toca products and are especially impressed by Toca's ability to create a wide range of ethnic instruments at affordable prices (especially with the discounts offered here)!  Toca consistently makes authentic feeling, playing & sounding Latin, Afro-Cuban, African, Middle-Eastern & even Australian instruments.

Remo - Artdrum has been a Remo dealer since 2005.  Remo is a world leader in drum heads, percussion instruments and education.  They are a true innovator in all these areas.  Their heads, materials and quality set the standard for all their competitors.  Remo hand drums and percussion are outstanding, professional grade, animal free instruments! Remo is known for using innovative synthetic materials for their drums, percussion & heads.  Their instruments and heads are fun, durable and great sounding!.

Middle Eastern Percussion, Near Eastern Percussion & Far Eastern Drums & Gongs

Mid-East Manufacturing  - Artdrum has been a authorized dealer for Mid-East Manufacturing since 2004.  Mid-East specializes in manufacturing & distributing great ethnic instruments.  They have a great selection of percussion instruments from around the world, including doumbeks, tablas, bodhrans, Remo percussion & heads, Chinese gongs and much more.  In addition to the percussion instruments, Mid-East also distributors great ethnic string and wind instruments.

Paiste Gongs - Artdrum has been an official Paiste gong dealer since 2008.  Paiste gongs are largely considered the world's great gongs.  And it would be untrue to say their sounds, effects & quality are not are phenomenal.  We love playing and listening to Paiste gongs!

Sabian Gongs - Sabian makes some of the most beautiful sounding and highest quality gongs in the world.  They have gongs are great for musical performance, sound meditation, offices and more.  Overall, Sabian offers three professional gong styles: Symphonic,  Zodiac & Chinese.  Sabian's Chinese gongs are similar to Wuhan's Chau gongs both are authentic HAND HAMMERED Chinese-chau gongs, made in China.   Sabian's Symphonic gongs are used by symphonies, bands & even business companies for their show and sales' rooms.  Zodiac gongs are made from Sabian's special Nickel-Silver Alloy and have a design, hammering pattern & sound that sets them apart.  We love the 28" Zodiac gong! It is one of our favorite gongs and musical instruments.

Educational Instrument Manufacturers

CB Percussion - We have been an authorized CB percussion dealer since 2005.  CB Percussion specializes in quality educational instruments.  They make reliable and great sound instruments for students and schools.

Percussion at Artdrum

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