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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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We offer outstanding tunable and pre-tuned bodhrans.  Among our tunable bodhrans we offer two types, external and internal tuned drums.  Our World Beat® Bodhran by Latin Percussion Music® has internal tuning.  And our bodhrans by Mid-East Manufacturers® has internal tuning.  As with every drum you get from us, your SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED.

16" T-bar Bodhran, Internal Tuning

drums & percussion

16" Deep-shell Bodhran, Internal Tuning


17" T-bar Bodhran, Internal Tuning

Bodhran Drum

18" Cross-bar Bodhran, Internal Tuning

rosewood bodhran

18" Single-bar Bodhran, Internal Tuning

Bodhran - Drum

18" T-Bar Bodhran, Internal Tunning


18" Single-Bar Bodhran, Internal Tuning

18" Single Bar Bodhran

26" Cross-bar Bodhran, Internal Tuning

Bodhran Drum - Percussion

Murphy's Irish Stout Bodhran 

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World Beat Bodhran

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Ocean Drum


Bodhran Instruction

Bodhran instruction

Basic Playing Technique

The circular frame of the World Beat Bodhran is supported by a cross section, which the player can hold while playing.   Most commonly, the bodhran is played by either holding the cross section with one hand & beating the head with the other hand; or tucking the drum between the one arm and the chest so the free hand can beat & play the head. 

The head can be struck with the bare hand, fingers or tipper ( a double-headed stick; also known as a  beater or cipin, which is the Gaelic word for kindling).

The hand using the tipper can strike in a variety of ways, such as rotating the forearms so that the tipper tips side-to-side or bouncing/striking the tipper upon the head.   Click to learn more about playing the bodhran.

 Bodhran's Basic Background

The Bodhran (pronounced "bow-ron") are frame drums of Celtic origin. 

The bodhran is a very resonant & relatively simple Irish frame drum, which was originally used as a husk sifter: that is, as a pan-like device to to shake the husks off grains. Gaelic peasants first converted the sifter to a musical instrument by replacing its wire mesh head with stretched goat skin.

The bodhran is a distinct & unique drum, which is at the heart of the contemporary playing of traditional Irish music, yet it's only been outside of Southwest Ireland since 1960's.




Bodhran Instruction

Michelle Stewart's Bodhran Videos & Tutorials

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