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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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Conga Drum

White Steer Skins

Pre-cut, bleached, flat, round, Steer & steer skin for congas, tamboras, taiko drums & hand drums

Two Thickness Options: Medium & Thick

(For Thin & Medium Skins: Natural Cow) 

Steer Skin White Steer Conga Skins Steer Skins Conga Heads White steer skin Galaxy fiberglass conga Matador congas w/ bleached cowhide Photo Left: A very happy Artdrummer re-headed his three Matador Fiberglass Congas with White Cow Skins from Artdrum says that these, "cowhide heads...greatly improved the sound of my Matadors, I would recommend these heads to anyone who likes a nice warm tone." -Bruce C., Canada

Skin Size Selection (price includes shipping in the continental U.S.)

Review: "I mounted a white steer skin on an old Toca Bamboo series 10" quinto and I can't believe how good it sounds. I purchased thinner steer skins from Manito percussion but it wasn't the sound I was looking for.  The sound of the skin I got from Artdrum sounds like the drums I played as a young boy in Brooklyn. The quality of that skin is top notch!" ~E. Delgado, FL, USA, 2016

Description: Bleached steer skins are a little softer to the touch & mellower to the tone than natural steer.  Each skin from Artdrum is pre-cut and are ready to be mounted on your conga or other drum.  Our white skins are available in two thicknesses: Medium & Thick.  These skins are also recommended for Taiko drums, Batas, & Tamboras.

Skin Material: Steer

Skin Thickness & Recommendations: Thick skins produce a lower range of tones, & have a little dryer timbre, than medium skins.  A thick skin will bring out the lowest range of pitches.  Medium skins produce mid to higher range of pitiches.  Both our Medium & Thick White Steer Skins are rich, mellow & beautiful sounding.  On Conga drums, Medium skins are great on all size congas (requinto, quinto, conga, tumba, super tumba). Thick skins are used a little more often on Tumbas & Super Tumbas, yet many players also use them on Quintos & Congas.  However, for Requintos we recommend Medium skins.  Also, Medium skins are great for Taiko drums, Tamboras, and the large heads for medium & large Bata drums.

Skin-Head Size Chart

Steer Size Drum Head Size
16" Skin 8.75 - 9.5" Head
18" Skin 9.75 - 11" Head
20" Skin 11.25 - 12" Head
22" Skin 12.25 - 13.75" Head
23" Skin 14.00 - 14.75" Head
24" Skin 15.00 - 16" Head
26" Skin 16.25 - 18" Head
28" Skin 18.25 - 20" Head

Delivery Time & Shipping Info: Typically arrives in 2 to 6 days in continental U.S. & ships via UPS, FedEx or USPS.  Note: Sometimes new skins are cut for new orders, especially skins that are 24" or larger, and then the delivery time is 10 to 14 days in continental U.S.  The tracking # will be emailed you when your order is shipped.

Price includes shipping in the continental U.S.

drum head - conga head - Steer - Steerhide



bongo   bongo head   bongo drum   bongo head



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