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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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Conga Drum

Cow Skins

Cut-round Cow Skins for Congas, Jr Congas, Tamboras, Batas, Taiko Drums & other Hand Drums

Thickness Options: Medium-light & Medium

Skin Size Selection (Price includes shipping in the continental U.S.)

Cowhide heads  Cowhide head Cow skins drum heads Cow skins

Color: Animal skins are a natural product & color of skin may vary from color in photo, but our cow are virtually always darker than our steer.  Our cow skin color tends to ranges from dark brown to bronze-brown.  And our steer color tends to range from tan & light bronze.

About the Thicknesses of our Skins: Our Light & Medium-Light Skins are Cow Hide  For Medium Skins if you have preference for Cow or Steer, please let us know upon ordering. If you do not have a preference, then we will select either a beautiful steer or a beautiful cow skin for you, which ever is available.  The Quality is Guaranteed for each of our cow & steer skins.

Thickness Ranges:

Medium-Light: approx. 1.45 - 1.80

Medium: approx. 1.75 - 2.2 mm

Description: Our cow is a rich, dark tan/bronze color with a natural & organic look.  Each cow is pre-cut and ready to be soaked & mounted on a Conga or other drum.  Our cow skins are great on Congas, Jr Congas, Taiko drums, Batas, Tamboras & other hand drums. Cow skins produce a slightly richer, woodier & mellower tone than the same thickness natural steer and water buffalo skins.

Note: Medium-light skins produce a brighter timbre and higher range than Medium.  Medium-light are great for Jr Congas, the Caribe Conga and some quintos & requintos.  Medium skins produce a lower bass and range and are a richer and woodier sounding than medium-light skins.  Medium are great for any full size conga, including requinto, quinto, conga and super tumba.

Skin-Head Size Chart

Cow Size Drum Head Size
16" Skin 8.75 - 9.5" Head
18" Skin 9.75 - 11" Head
20" Skin 11.25 - 12" Head
22" Skin 12.25 - 13.75" Head
24" Skin 14 - 15.75" Head
26" Skin 16 - 17" Head
28" Skin 17.25 - 20" Head
30" Skin 20.25 - 23" Head

Delivery time: Approximately 3 - 10 days for skins that are over 22" or smaller.  And approximately 12 - 17 days for skin(s) that are 24" or larger. 

The tracking # will be emailed to you.

Skin Size Selection (Price includes shipping in the continental U.S.)


I have bought nine (9) skins from Artdrum over the years. I keep coming back because of the quality of the skins and their help, whether discussing what kind of skin to get (cow, steer, bleached, horse) or measuring the rims for a flesh hoop; he is there from beginning to end.  ~J.C., IL, USA, 1/15

This is my second purchase from Greg at Artdrum.com (a Brazilian timbau drum first time and now a flat conga skin) and I am absolutely impressed and grateful for his guidance and conscientious care of his customers.  Professional, quick to return an answer or feedback, and very well informed about the products that he sells. I am glad I've found Artdrum.com and I will be returning to buy more drums as well as lots more skins since the new cow head I just got has made my old fiberglass Patato requinto sound better than it ever has. I highly recommend this to my musician friends! -Jesse, Port Townsend, WA 9/15

drum head - conga head - Cow - cowhide



bongo   bongo head   bongo drum   bongo head



Steer Skins, Natural

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