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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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Elite Pro 3 Gong Bags

Pro-grade Gong Bags for 20 - 40" Gongs

Selection: Elite Pro 3 Gong Bags

Prices include shipping in the continental U.S.

Elite Pro Gong Bag

Size Explanation: 20-22" Elite Pro Gong Bag holds a 20 or 22" gong; the 24-26" bag comfortably holds up to a 24 or 26" gong; 32-34" Bag holds a 28, 30, 32 or 34" Gong; 36" bag holds a 35 or 36" gong; 40" bag holds a 38 or 40" gong

Features of the Elite Pro 3 Gong Bags:

Heavy padding - very durable bag

Two handles the top of the bag

Shoulder strap

Back pack straps for 24 - 40" bags (there no back pack straps for the 20 - 22" bag)

Heavy-duty Zippers

24-40" Bags: Large front pocket that can hold mallets and more; back-side sleeve pocket where the back pack straps & other things can be stored & hidden from view

20-22" Bag: Large front pocket that can hold mallets & more; several pockets on the back of bag, including a small zipper pocket, a large sleeve pock with no zipper and additional pockets within the large sleeve to hold mallets, sticks or the like

24-40" Bags: Wide & durable protective rubber strip on bottom and part of the side the bag

20-22" Bag: Sturdy & durable rubber feet at bottom of the bag

Delivery: FedEx or USPS, typically arrives in 2 - 7 days in the continental U.S.  The tracking # will be given to you when it ships

Prices include shipping in the continental U.S.

Selection: Elite Pro 3 Gong Bags




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