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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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LP Bell Tree LP589   LP_Hand_Held_Bell_Tree 

Bell Tree with 26 Bells & Hand Held Bell Tree with 14 Bells WLP450-LP589

Delivery: FedEx Ground (delivery time: 2 - 5 days in continental U.S.

(Prices include shipping in the continental U.S.)

LP Bell Tree and LP Hand Held-Bell Tree Options

About the LP Bell Tree & LP Hand Held Bell Tree

Sound sample

List value for LP Bell Tree: $406.00

List value for LP Hand Held Bell Tree: $178.99

List value for LP Bell Tree and LP Hand Held Bell Tree: $585.98

In the 1950s the Bell Tree was introduced by Carrol Bratman, the original "sound-effects" man

Includes: Two metal tip strikers

Includes: Versatile bracket that makes it possible to quickly mount the Bell Tree to most posts from 3/8" to over 1" in diameter

Bell Tree (LP450) features 26 bells, a fantastic, little stand and can be played free standing or mounted

Hand Held Bell Tree (LP589) features 14 bells with a solid wood handle and metal striker

Timbre: Bright and cheerful

27 Brass bell ranging from high to low pitch offers a range of sounds and possibilities for all musical genres

The Bell Tree produces sound great sound effects for various scenes including dreamy moments; enlightening moments; blissful moments; fairy-tale like moments and great musical moments!

Exclusive and Intelligently Designed Stand - Made of black steel; with four cushioned feet which allow for skid-free table-top use 

(Prices include shipping in the continental U.S.)  

LP Bell Tree and LP Hand Held-Bell Tree Options



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