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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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Paiste Planet Gongs

 Paiste Planet Gongs (aka Tam Tams) are specialized tools for rejuvenation, harmony and well being.  Each planet gong is an amazing sound healing tool and premium quality tam tam.  Planet gongs acquire their name because the fundamental tone of each one is based on the fundamental orbital and vibrational frequency of a corresponding celestial body in our solar system, such as the earth, sun and moon.  The frequency of each gong is also intended to produce a therapeutic & healing affect upon our mind, body & spirit.

Paiste Planet Gongs

38” Earth Gong, C#2

Earth Gong

38” Sedna Gong, C2

Sedna Gong!

 38” Sun Gong, B1

Sun Gong - Paiste Planet Gong

36” Pluto Gong, C#2

Planet Gong PLUTO

32” Mercury Gong, C#2


32” Mars Gong, D2


32” Saturn Gong, D2


32" Chiron Gong, D#2

Chiron Gong

32" Nibiru Gong, E2

Niburu Gong

30" Platonic Year Gong, F2


28" Jupiter Gong, F#2

Planet Gong JUPITER

28" Sidereal Day Gong, G2

Sidereal Earth Gong

24" Uranus Gong, G#2

Planet Gong URANUS

24" Neptune Gong, G#2

Neptune_Gong.jpg (47599 bytes)

24" Synodic Moon Gong, G#2


24" Venus Gong, A2

Planet Gong VENUS

24" Sidereal Moon Gong, A#2


Paiste Gong Mallets

gong mallets

Paiste Gong Stands

Paiste Gong Stands


More about Planet Gongs

Planet Gongs are essentially refined versions of Symphonic Gongs, which are another special series of sound healing tam tams from Paiste.  Both Planet and Symphonic Gongs feature dynamic harmonics and clear fundamental bass-tones.  However, unlike Symphonic Gongs the fundamental tone of each Planet Gong is tuned to a particular frequency, or musical key, which corresponds to a planet or celestial body.  This tuning also helps to target particular parts or regions of the human body.  Many people find that certain frequencies or pitches are especially soothing and rejuvenating to them.  The Planet Gongs allow one to utilize and work with such frequencies.  The overall result in playing & listening to Planet Gongs is a greater sense of well being, including more relaxation and peace in one's life.

 The tuning of a gong, as with Planet Gongs, requires great understanding, skill and precision.  Planet Gongs are instruments, which harness the power of sound and frequencies (musical keys) in order to massage and bath our mind, body and spirit.  Accordingly, Planet Gongs are ideal for giving sound massages (also called sound baths), which enhance our physical and mental flow, release physical and mental blockages and harmonize the very cells within practitioners and listeners.

 According to Paiste, the Planet Gongs "resonate harmonically with the cycles of the cosmos, communicating to us what has been known since antiquity as the music of the spheres.  Mysterious in sound color, Planet Gongs convey an unusual atmosphere."

The fundamental tone is of each Planet Gong is based on calculations by Hans Cousto.  In 1981 Hans Cousto was given credit for being the first person to calculate the theoretical frequency of the sun (source: Home22.inet.tele.dk).

The sizes of the Planet Gongs range from 24 inches to 38 inches.  Every size produces deep, warm sounds, though of course, the larger the gong, the deeper the fundamental and the greater the harmonies and overtones.  The subtleties of tone in a Planet Gong is never ending, stimulating and beautiful.


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Gong Videos

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