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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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Sound Therapy Videos

Sound Therapy: "treatment based on the finding that human blood cells respond to sound frequencies by changing color and shape, and the hypothesis that therefore sick or rogue cells can be healed or harmonized by sound. The therapy was developed and researched by French musician and acupuncturist Fabien Maman.”

"We now know that cancer is vulnerable found that between one hundred thousand hertz and three hundred thousand hertz." -Anthony Holland, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1w0_kazbb_U&feature=youtu.be&t=12m38s

The following video is a great example of the beautiful and healing qualities of a Chau gong (Chinese gong) when played in a musical & artful way: 


Above Video ("Gong Bath - Blood Testing - Before & After; Part 1 of 2"): The above video gives an account of impressive changes to a sample of blood from one person before, during and after a gong bath. The gong was played by gong master Richard Rudis and the blood samples were examined by Sherry Beitzel with a Darkfield Microscope.  In this test it was observed that through the sounds of the gong a rejuvenating and healing process occurred for blood platelettes, red blood cells and white blood cells, including T-cells.  Through the microscope Sherry observed that the sound of the gong stimulated the blood and helped the blood terrain to open, which increased the flow of oxygen & nutrients within the blood. In turn, red blood cells increased in flow because they were less congested and there was an increase in the energy potential of the cells. Sherry also observed that the sounds from the gong stimulated white blood cells, so that various white blood cells became more active, brighter and bigger.  Since white blood cells were enhanced there was a boost to the Immune System.  In the video the Darkfield Microscope appears to reveal the interaction of microscopic parasites with some cells.  And over the course of the sound bath there appears to be a clear decrease in parasitical damage to cells, as if cells were being detoxified and parasites were being released from cells via the sound.  To learn more visit SacredSoundGongBath.com. Enjoy the gonging!

Listen to Gravitational Waves!

Listen to the sound of Gravitational Waves! Listen at the 17:08 - 17:20 mark http://onpoint.wbur.org/2016/02/15/gravitational-waves-einstein-black-holes; head phones are likely needed.  Note: The hiss/gong wash-like sounds are the sound of the instruments not the waves.

Remo's Health Rhythms Defined - A Proven Music Therapy/Drumming Program with Positive, Life Changing Results - "Health Rhythms is a division of Remo Inc. that develops and provides materials, programs, training and the latest research supporting the use of drumming as an effective means for promoting and maintaining health and well-being.  At the forefront of our activities is the development of our HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming program. This research-based, recreational music-making program is being used around the world. Its applications are too numerous to name but include use by hospitals, schools, long-term care centers, drug and alcohol rehabilitation environments, at-risk youth facilities and more."

Healing Sounds Part 10 Pythagorean Tone Generator

This video utilizes singing bowls to produce strong, long sustaining tones.  It's a good sample of the straight forward use of sounds to give the mind something to focus on.  And stimulate the body.  The music in the video does develop and beginning at the 3:29 mark the player goes into a section in which overtones are utilized and beautiful dynamics are created.  This lasts until about the 4:45 mark at which time the players transitions back into a simple pure, long sustaining, tone.  The piece continues with a good balance of transitioning slowing from long single tones to overtones with beautiful dynamics.  Around the nine minute mark it really begins to intensify and make it's last stand before it ends at the 10:01 mark.  The video ends before the last single sustaining not finishes, which I wish wasn't.  But still the totally of this video has value for sound meditation and sound healing.

Periodically but persistently, though the piece I hear door bells and dial tones.  But that may be because I recently moved and got a new phone number. Oh no!  Let it not be!  Still, the simple, pure and sometimes intense tones in this video make for an interesting session of sound therapy.

"Pythagorean Tone Generator The instrument played in this video "generates Pythagorean notes that the human voice and modern musical instruments cannot duplicate. When seen on an osciloscope, each note is a perfect circle instead of a saw-tooth pattern as with our musical scale. Pythagoras believed these notes represented the universal Music of the Spheres and had transformative properties for matter or the bodies of people at lower frequencies of manifestation..."

"...Each note produced by these custom made chimes is based on precise mathematical proportions known as Pythagorean tuning.  Pythagoras (569 B.C.) was a brilliant Greek philosopher and mathematician. Pythagoras taught his students that focusing on pure mathematically precise tones would calm and illuminate the mind...Pythagoras described music and nature in terms of arithmetical relationships. The Pythagorean scale looks very different from the western scale on an oscilloscope (an instrument showing sound waves). The successive multiplication by 3/2, the musical fifth, is the method used by the Pythagoreans for generating the musical scale. Single notes can be seen on the oscilloscope as a circle, and C-G, the perfect fifth, produces a helix. This 3:2 ratio is found throughout nature, from the spiral of a shell, to a flower, to our fingerprints, even to our DNA and the very shape of the universe. A truly unique transformative tool! Each instrument is tuned to the full esoteric octave, from Pythagorean middle C to high C, and can produce the Perfect Fifth tone (which contains all other tones in creation) and the true sound of Om. The instrument [in the video] can also be used to compose beautiful compositions that elevate consciousness. The instruments are handmade spruce acoustic boxes with hardwood trim and solid alloy bars that are suspended by shock cord for maximum resonance. They come with cushioned striking mallet and complete instructions. Eight 5/8-inch tone bars produce an entire octave of precise Pythagorean tones. The instruments measure approximately 2 feet tall, 15 inches wide, and 4 inches deep." 

Pythagoras' Geometric Music

 Pythagoras calculated music the way Newton calculated calculus.  Pythagoras idea is very simple, but of course brilliant.  Music is made of geometric relationships.  Of course, not every composer calculates his music like a mathematician; but Pythagoras did and in essence, whether one plans to use math or not in making music, music is relationships of mathematical forms.  The following video has music which was composed on computer using music based on Pythagoras' mathematical calculations.  Processed by computer YouTube - Spiro66".   sounds like when apply  notice the harmony and proportion of sounds and silence




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