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What are customers saying about Artdrum?

The gong [38" Paiste Symphonic Gong] has arrived and it is exceeding all of my expectations! When the Gong is playing me The Other I is at the steering Wheel of an intergalactic space ship to parts unknown -  I am so happy for the sound journeys I am about to discover : )  For sound healing, a 32" gong might have been more than adequate, but I am pleased I chose the larger size, which is excellent for gong bath immersions. Thanks, Greg!

This is my second purchase from Greg at Artdrum.com (a Brazilian timbau drum first time and now a flat conga skin) and I am absolutely impressed and grateful for his guidance and conscientious care of his customers.  Professional, quick to return an answer or feedback, and very well informed about the products that he sells. I am glad I've found Artdrum.com and I will be returning to buy more drums as well as lots more skins since the new cow head I just got has made my old fiberglass Patato requinto sound better than it ever has. I highly recommend this to my musician friends!

-Jesse, Port Townsend, WA


Salsa conga drums

(Photos: One Javier Cabanillas' earliest conga sets, the LP Classic Congas, wine red)

"My experience with Artdrum.com went beyond what I ever believed a website could do.  Associates of Artdrum made my experience not only professional, but one that added an extra ingredient, friendship.  I truly believe that their interests was for my complete
satisfaction.     "For example, I purchased
LP Classic model congas, but I made the mistake of selecting the wrong color.  I mentioned this to Artdrum and after a couple of emails and phone calls to clear out the ripples, Artdrum was able to send me a new set of congas with the exact
color.  I love my new congas, their sound and color.  I will definitely purchase from Artdrum in the near future.  Thanks a lot for your efforts."
Javier "Cheno" Cabanillas

San Diego, CA

congaPatato conga

I live in Portland, Oregon and found Greg at Artdrum.com and right from the start I felt very confident in him and his knowledge with LP Congas.  I am very particular when it comes to Percussion and what I take in the studio and on the road.  Greg was right there with me, giving me advice and insight.  Greg's prices are great !!! Service is Great !!! Communication is second to none...oh, and shipping is fast too !!! But mostly he is the Coolest and most patient guy I ever worked with...and I've worked with lots, trust me...I feel very lucky to have found Greg at Artdrum.com.


Patato Congas

congaPatato conga

"Greg, just wanted to say thanks for your help in picking my new heads for my bongos.  They sound and fit great. You were able to figure out what Guitar Center and Sam Ash couldn’t figure out in three orders. The speed of my order was incredible and just your basic sincerity of providing good quality service and advice just isn’t out there anymore. We will be doing business again, as a matter of fact my order for the LP Cyclopes Mountable Tambourine with the Richie Garcia Gajate Bracket and Gibraltar Bass Pedal just went in today.  Can’t wait to get a hold of it. I either need to grow more body parts or use more of the ones I already have to play all the instruments I want at the same time. I’ll let you know how it works. Thanks again for your help!

"Patrick Zugg"

Tapout percussion set

(Photo: Patrick's percussion-set)

bongosconga head

I found Greg to be a fair and  honorable person who worked very hard to make sure I was 100% satisfied, which I am. He helped to track down some cowhide heads which greatly improved the sound of my Matadors, I would recommend these heads to anyone who likes a nice warm tone.  Greg knows where to get them. Thanks Greg!

Bruce Collis

BC, Canada

Matador congas w/ bleached cowhide

(Bruce with his black fiberglass Matador congas and hand-fitted, bleached, cowhide heads.)

congamatador conga

Dear friends at Artdrum,
"I purchased a Copper Turkish Darbuka from you last fall, and wanted you to know how pleased I am to have done so. I have been enjoying learning to play it and have made great sounds, but its superb quality was even more evident last weekend when a talented drummer friend of mine got the most wondrous music from it. And it lives up to your website name, Art Drum, because in addition to being a fabulous drum, it is a beautiful piece of art! It received rave reviews at my drumming circle! In addition to the purchase itself, I appreciate your willingness to take any time needed to answer my questions before I even purchased anything from you. And that same outstanding support has continued since my purchase! I highly recommend you to all my friends who plan to purchase a new drum.
"Warm Regards,
"Cynthia Kramer"

darbukafiberglass tumba conga

Dear Greg,

Just to let you know that the drum arrived safely last week and we love it! Your assistance at every stage of the transaction has been greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Kind Regards,




Hi Greg,
Overall, I am highly satisfied with the purchase and your customer service was great! The priority shipping is much appreciated, i got the strap on friday. It works great and I'm very pleased.

Thank you and hope to do business again soon.

Samuel A.


II received my Generation III bongos, they arrived today.  Thanks a lot; I will buy from this site again if I need something; great service.

~Diego Alejandro Calle



"I was looking everywhere for a professional set of congas, but the price was incredibly high.  I ran into www.artdrums.com while looking around and that was it.  After emailing them I received an instant, and thorough, response; I am in Manchester, England and all the process was so simple like if were in the shop.  

"When I received the three Classic congas I ordered they were in perfect shape, but a little accessory bag was missing and Greg at Artdrum took the time to contact me to replace the accessory bag - any other store would have not bothered to contact you once you’ve paid.  Then I received the accessory bag really fast & I did not even asked for it or make any pressure.  I will no doubt contact them for any thing I might need. Artdrum is quite of a site.

"All the best!

"Carlos Martinez

United Kingdom

Classic Congas

(Photo: Carlos with his LP Classic Congas, which he got from Artdrum!)


I originally ordered the LP1431 cajon, but stock was out so Greg recommended the LP 1430 Soul cajon with tunable snares.  I am glad he did!  Greg always does right for you!
The New Model LP1430 Soul cajon has a hexagonal body and tunable snares.  The snare wires and top corners of the face plate were tight when I got the cajon, as they should be during shipping.  I loosened both up a little and was good to go.  The snare wires have adjustable tension by way of an internal hex nut that you turn with the provided hex wrench.  The adjustment has a great range, and you can get any tension you want on the snare wires.  The fit, finish and appearance are all very good.
But it is the sound that is important, and the sound from this LP1430 cajon is without complaint.  I just love the variety of sounds that come with ease from light finger tapping of the front plate.  The bass note is unbelievably loud and low!  This thing can sound exactly like a whole drum kit!
I love my new LP1430 Soul cajon as it sounds spectacular, and a special thanks to Greg for talking me into the slightly more expensive, but DEFINITELY worth it, LP1430 New Model Soul Cajon.
Buy it, you'll love it!
Sincerely,  Lee

California, USA

drum soul cajon

As a rule, whenever I find something good or somewhere good, I keep it to myself so nobody else will disturb my still-waters.

You know how it is - tell one person, swear them to secrecy and soon everyone and their friends have made you worried that your good thing is now coming to an end.

This time around, the problem is reversed: If I DON'T tell anyone about this website, I'm worried it might disappear and I'll wind up cutting 0ff my Own access to this great find.

* When I need Any kind of drum or drum accessory, I come here.

* The inventory is vast;

* The prices make you feel good about ordering;

* The goods arrive well packed & protected

And the guy who runs the business? His name is Greg. Nice guy.

You know, he's running ArtDrum.com as if it was "back-in-the-day".

He thinks that by treating his customers like people, giving them decent prices, going the extra mile for them and shipping their stuff quickly will make them want to come back again...he's right.

Johnny Castro



"The 12" brass darbuka sold at ArtDrum has an amazing rich and vibrant sound, a musician cannot grow bored of its full resonance.  Being a customer at Artdrum is a delight, I feel understood and truly respected. As a company Artdrum is a gem and a gift to the musical world.  They are a company not driven by profit but by a deep longing to spread the tribal beat onto this Earth." 

~ Maryse Thuot Nova Scotia, Canada, 2008

grong, cymbalpercussion

"I have nothing but praise for Artdrum.com.  Their site is one of the best and most informative I have seen. Their products are of high quality and lower in price than others, and the company obviously genuinely cares about providing quality service.  Dealing with them for me has been all pro w/o a single con.  I give them a solid 5-star rating, and am keeping them at the top of my list for their products as well as recommending them to my friends." -  F. Jalali, Georgia, USA


"I want to thank Greg at Artdrum.com for helping us find the perfect second gong for our expanding office space..." ~ Brant Barton, Bazaarvoice.com


"I would like to recognize Greg at artdrum.com for helping me sort through the many choices of conga drums on the market today. His advice and knowledge helped me land the perfect set of conga drums "LP Eddie Montalvo Signature Congas" at the best price.  And when one of my congas had damaged conga protectors due to shipping, Greg was there for me once again and contacted LP and got the replacement parts out to me in a timely fashion. I have to say Greg
is a superb individual and has earned my respect and confidence"

Thanks again Greg for your exceptional help and service!

William Foster

Spartanburg, South Carolina


"I'm a drummer who is interested in Afro-Cuban percussion.  I hesitated a bit to expand my percussion set-up with some rather expensive Afro-Cuban instruments, but when I made up my mind I searched a long time in Sweden (my home) for a djembe and timbalitos, which would compliment my other congas and timbales.  Here in Sweden it's kind of hard to get these, so I tried overseas with internet and found Artdrum.com - and it was on!! After finding the site and communicating with Artdrum's customer service I knew the purchase of a Giovanni Hidalgo 14" Djembe and Tito Puente brass timbalito was going to be a reality for me!  Upon communicating with Artdrum, Greg gave me just the response and knowledge that I needed.

"When I decided to order it didn't take long for these two packages to show up, even though Artdrum is in NJ, USA and I'm in Sweden.  Now, I have to say here and now - What a service minded person Greg is and the staff at his company, of course!! I'm enthusiastic to experience such a helpful person! A real "shine through" genuine!

"I will gladly recommend Artdrum.com to ALL the people I meet here in Sweden!

"Thank you Greg.  <<I will be back>>"

Björn Bodin, Sweden, 6/27/2007


"Dear Greg,

    "The inlaid Alexandria [mother of pearl] doumbek arrived today and I'm very pleased. It is of good quality and none of the inlay was chipped off.  It has a good sound and the tuning lugs seemed to be well tapped and sharp. The backpacker doumbek bag that I ordered from you [Artdrum] arrived promptly and is of very good quality.
        "This is my first dealing with you and your company and I'm very pleased. You have shown yourself to be honorable and a pleasure to deal with. I WILL be dealing with you again.
-Jeff Webb"

Drummer & Art Professor



"I want to thank Greg at Artdrum.com for helping us find the perfect second gong for our expanding office space..." ~ Brant Barton, Bazaarvoice.com

"Greg at Artdrum knows the true meaning of customer service, he was genuinely interested in making sure I got the drums that would make me a VERY happy drummer!

"Thanks Greg."

Fernando Zavaleta
Oaxaca, MEXICO


"I just ordered the Giovanni Palladium Super Tumba from Artdrum.com; & I previously bought the Palladium Quinto, Conga, and Tumba from Artdrum.  I am very happy with the congas - I love them. They have a beautiful sound, and I even love just looking at them.  Artdrum customer service answered all my questions and helped me during all my purchases. They have been very helpful & their service is fast.  The prices at Artdrum are excellent. When their website said "contact us for further discounts," I did, and they lowered the prices even more."
- Mel Driller, New York City, 11/05


"I got my LP compact conga last week and I love it! I now have a set of two compact congas and I have integrated them into my percussion drum set (it was featured in the Drumkit of the Month in Modern Drummer, Dec. 99).


"My order arrived on time and I am very pleased with my first buying experience at Artdrum. I will certainly be coming back."

Martin Johncox

Boise, Idaho


LP advertises that all their congas come with lug lube, but it's not included with the Compact Conga. So, when I purchased an LP Compact Conga from Artdrum, Greg stepped in and made good on the manufacturer's claim and provided a bottle of lug lube. That kind of service shows a commitment to customer satisfaction that is all to rare in the impersonal world of Internet retailing. More retailers and manufacturers should follow this model."


The order arrived just today. That's f-f-f-ast!!!!!!!
I really appreciate the speedy response and will be
back again....... and tell others.
Tom" ~ Portland, OR


"Dear Artdrum,

"I appreciate all your help with my recent purchase of my
LP Salsa Quinto drum.  It seems to me that your company has succeeded in differentiating itself from the large number of competitors in your field, and it has done so in two ways.  Firstly, I can confidently say that your prices are the lowest on the web.  Secondly, my personal experience shows that you care a lot about your customers; you'd gone the extra mile more than once during the time my order was pending, and its obvious that you want your customers' buying experience to be the best it can possibly be.  I would not hesitate to give you the highest recommendation.  Thanks again for everything!"

-Rich Rivkin
 Farmingville, NY


“This was the first time I had ordered internationally and was amazed at the excellent customer service and efficiency I experienced with Artdrum. The staff were extremely helpful and informative regularly keeping me updated every step of the way, my goods arrived in mint condition and super fast even on ‘economy shipping’!. I will be recommending Artdrum and would certainly have no hesitation in dealing with them again. They certainly put the customer first." - Victoria Windsor, England, 12/12/05

bongo drumpercussion

"The service that I received from Greg at Artdrum was over and above what I ever expected from an internet site. He took the time to call me and find out exactly what I was looking for, then he went out of his way to get the information I needed. Greg was very helpful and professional, every step of the way. I was incredibly impressed with the whole experience. I won't hesitate to order from this site again!"

Bridget Kennedy                                                                                              


Oil City, PA  


"I live in the United Kingdom and had been wanting to purchase an Istanbul Ride Cymbal for a while. Unfortunately for me all of Istanbul's imports to the United Kingdom have stopped and there was little chance one was going to come in. I tried many places over the country and Europe. Eventually a Google search of all things took me to Artdrum.com! I found that this web site sold the cymbals, so I sent an initial email to the contact address. I received a very warm and friendly reply from Greg, he had the cymbal I was after and was able to ship it over too me. Greg provided me with an outstanding level of customer relations and care. He has made him self a friend over the pond here in the UK! The transaction was handled smoothly with the cymbal arriving to me in about 10-12  days of my order going through, which considering it had to travel a long was excellent! The cymbal sounds great and I love playing it with all the musicians I work with! Many thanks Artdrum.com."

Andrew King

Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom

drumsfiberglass tumba conga

       "I picked up the red fiberglass tumba from the post office today, just what I wanted. Thanks for all the effort, you really came through. You were the only person who even made an effort to get me that drum. Greatly appreciate it ,when I buy new drums I'll sure remember you as well as recommend you to my friends, thanks again."

"Thanks, Bryan"

Tyler, TX

drumsfiberglass tumba conga

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drumsfiberglass tumba conga

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