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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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Chinese Chau Gongs by Wuhan & Dobani


Each chau gong includes a gong mallet.


Small Chau Gongs Medium Chau Gongs Large Chau Gongs

10" Wuhan Chau Gong

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26" Wuhan Chau  Gong

28" Wuhan Chau Gong

30" Wuhan Chau Gong

32" Wuhan Chau Gong

34" Wuhan Chau Gong

36" Wuhan Chau Gong

40" Wuhan Chau Gong

48" Sabian Chinese (Chau) Gong

52" Sabian Chinese (Chau) Gong


Chau Gongs

Chau Gongs have a very wide range of sizes and thus effects.  They are used for celebrations, ceremonies, meditation & sound baths, music, performing arts, office meetings & more...

Would you like to use a chau gong in your office or business? Click to check out what some seasoned gong users are saying...

Chau gongs have long sustaining sounds.

The larger the chau, the deeper the bass and the greater the dynamics (harmonics & overtones); the smaller the chau the more bell-like

10" Chau Gongs have a definite bell-like sound with sustaining tones & some overtones

12" to 15" Chau Gongs some bell-like sounds with a fundamental bass-tone, long sustaining tones and overtones

18" to 24" Chau Gongs have a clear & deep fundamental bass-tone, long sustaining tones, strong harmonics & overtones;

26" - 32" and larger Chau Gongs are outstanding; they have a clear, powerful & deep fundamental bass-tone, long sustaining tones, very strong harmonics and overtones.  (Analogously, 26 - 32" Chau gongs are like a tropical storm (26" chau) or a Category 1 or 2 hurricane (28 - 32" Chaus).

34" - 40" Chau Gongs are amazing.  They have a clear & very powerful, deep fundamental bass-tone, long sustaining tones, very strong & amazing  harmonics and overtones.  (Analogously, 34 - 40" Chau Gongs are like a Category 3 or 4 hurricane!) 

48" - 52" Chau Gongs are awesome! They have super powerful with clear, deep fundamental bass-tones, long sustaining tones, amazing harmonics and overtones. (Analogously, 48 & 52" Chau Gongs are like to a Category 5 hurricane!)

26" and larger Chau gongs are all very dynamic gongs, which sound great at all volumes.  At low and medium volumes they produce beautiful nuances of tone & great harmonics.  At loud volumes they are powerful rushes of sounds.  Analogously speaking in terms of their power & potential volume, 26" Chau gongs are like a tropical storm; 28 - 32" Chau gongs are like Category 1 & 2 hurricanes; 34 - 40" Chau gongs are like Category 3 or 4 hurricanes! And 48 & 52" Chau gongs are like to a Category 5 hurricanes! 

Every chau gong includes a gong mallet

Every chau comes with Wuhan' s one year damage free warranty; if your gong breaks from normal use during the first year in which you own it, Wuhan will replace it for free

wuhan gongs


"I want to thank Greg at Artdrum.com for helping us find the perfect second gong for our expanding office space..." ~ Brant Barton, Bazaarvoice.com


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