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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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"Dedicated to making great sounding drums!"

Taye Drums

Drum Shell and Hardware Packs (Drum Sets)

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Taye Drum Shell Packs Series' Names & Playing Levels

StudioBirch - Pro
StudioMaple & StudioMaple Bebop - Pro
GoKit - Pro
ProX - Pro
RockPro - Intermediate/Pro
Spotlight - Beginner/Intermediate
Astro - Beginner

About Taye's Shell Packs and Hardware Packs

Taye "Drum Shell Packs" and "Hardware Packs" are another way of saying Taye Drum Sets.  Taye offers high quality "Drum Shell Packs" and "Hardware Packs", for all playing levels.

What is in a Drum Shell Pack?

 A Drum Shell Pack consists of the drums (including bass drum, snare drum, floor tom and/or rack tom) and the drum features, which are in a drum set.  The Drum Shell Pack does not include the hardware (snare stand, cymbal stands and bass pedal).

 What is in a Hardware Pack?

A Hardware Pack consists of snare stand, cymbal stand(s) and bass pedal.  Taye designs each Hardware Pack to compliment a particular Drum Shell Pack.

Purchasing Drum Shell and Hardware Packs

A Drum Shell Pack can be purchased alone or with a Hardware Pack.  Hardware Packs also can be purchased alone, but you save the most money on a Hardware Pack* when you purchase one with a Drum Shell Pack.  (Taye gives us a greater discount on each Hardware Pack when we purchase it with a Drum Shell Pack, in turn, we pass the savings on to you.)

*You save about 48 - 52% - plus free shipping! - on the list price of a hardware pack when you order it with a drum shell pack.  You save about 40% - plus free shipping! - when you order it alone.

 Other Instruments by Taye

In addition to Drum Shell and Hardware Packs, Taye makes beautiful wood-hooped snare drums, outstanding timbales and hand-held percussion, such as bells and sound effects.  These instruments are great alone and increase the musical options and dynamics when added to any drum kit.

Taye's Competitive Edge

Taye has an edge on other drum designers and manufacturers because for over 35 years Taye has been a contractor for leading drum set companies. In other words, many of the leading drum set companies hire Taye to make their drums! This gives Taye a unique vantage point, and advantage.  For more than three decades they've seen, studied and manufactured the designs of leading drum set companies.  And about five years ago Taye decided to take their experience to design, manufacture and market their own brand of drums, parts and hardware.  Now they are in a unique position to not only produce high quality drums, but to have the manufacturing staff and facilities to keep the prices down.  We know that playing is more fun and reaching musical goals is easier with quality instruments, so not only are we are happy to offer Taye Drums, but we are happy to offer them at discounted prices.  You get outstanding instruments, plus you save much money when you shop at Artdrum.

Taye offers drum sets and parts for all playing levels; and they have premium sets for serious recreational and professional drummers.  Their drums and hardware prove that they understand the importance of quality materials, craftsmanship and innovation - they even have more than twenty patents, testifying to their quality and innovation. 

Taye is continually working with professional drummers (plus, many of their inside employees are drummers), so they actively seek to understand what drummers want and need.  Like Artdrum, Taye is a company that works hands on with drummers to help drummers reach their musical goals.

Taye's Philosophy: "No detail is too small if it results in a better sounding drum set"

"Every Taye Product is made with this in mind. This statement is reflected in the visual and sonic qualities of our drums. From our patented Studded Gaskets, which ensure the greatest level of isolation between shell and hardware in the industry, to our mirror lacquer finishes, which are polished to perfection, every product is detailed and cared for with the utmost scrutiny."  ~ Taye Drum Company

Drum Shell and Hardware Packs (Drum Sets)

StudioBirch Drum Shell & Hardware Packs

StudioMaple Drum Shell & Hardware Packs

BeBop StudioMaple Drum Shell & Hardware Packs

GoKit Drum Shell & Hardware Packs



Warranty & Quality Guarantee Info.

Taye's Warranty & Quality Guarantee

Instruments, Hardware & Accessories

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Hardware & Accessories


How To Buy A Drum Set - Is buying a drum set new to you? Do you want to know the different parts of the drum set? Do you need to know which cymbal package is right or how many toms you need? If so, then we recommend this essay by Dave Bedrock.