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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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"There's geometry in the humming of the strings, there's music is the spacing of the spheres" ~Pythagoras

Symphonic Gongs - 20" - 80" gongs!

Paiste Symphonic Gongs

Symphonic Gongs, Tai Loi Logo - 20" - 80" gongs!

Paiste Symphonic Gongs Tai Loi

Planet Gongs - 24" - 38" gongs!

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Sound Creation Gongs - 11" - 60" gongs!

Paiste Sound Creation Gongs

Accent Gongs 7 - 22" gongs!

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Paiste Gong Stands

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Paiste's Gongs: Symphonic, Planet, Sound Creation, Accent & Art Deco

Symphonic Gongs have a smooth sound and clear fundamental tone with dynamic, rich overtones.  The Symphonics are the preferred gong for many sound therapists and yoga practitioners; and they are also beloved by percussionists & musicians Their smooth and rich tones are wonderful & beautiful therapeutic tools and amazing musical instruments.  The Symphonic gongs are available in widest variety of sizes, from 20" to the world's largest manufactured gong, 80 inches (6 feet, 8 inches)!!!

Planet gongs are essentially Symphonic gongs, which have been refined.  Each Planet gong is refined so that it's fundamental tone is tuned to the frequency of the planet or celestial body it is name after.  Planet gongs are also fantastic sound therapy tools & amazing musical instruments.  As with Symphonics, Planets are popular among sound therapists, yoga practitioners as well as percussionists & musicians.   Designed for Yoga and all forms of sound meditation.

Sound Creation Gongs are our favorite gongs - period.  We love all Paiste gongs, but Sound Creation gongs have an expressiveness that we love most.  They are explosive; expressive; storm like; energetic; mysterious; other-worldly; melodic; dark; beautiful and very dynamic.  The unique effects of the Sound Creation gongs is what makes them the gong that is most preferred by sound explorers.  Plus,  they are also completely effective for sound healing.  Sound Creation Gongs have unique effects, including the bending of notes (ascending and descending), expressive swells, growling-like effects, choral-like singing tones (our favorite!) and more.

Accent Gongs are special gongs with an aggressive and lively sound character.  A multitude of sounds may be achieved with various playing techniques.  Accent Gongs are available in four sizes.

Deco Gongs - 7", 10", 13" Gongs As with all Paiste gongs, Deco gongs are produced by hand hammering.  The Deco is essentially a miniature Symphonic Gong.  Decos produce fascinating and exotic sounds. They are great in gong sets and for decoration.

Paiste: A Grand Ultimate Experience in Acoustics and Sound Therapy

How are Paiste Gongs made? Here's a great & concise online tour from gong artist Judy Strauss about Paiste's gong making process, PathToBliss.com!

What is the meaning behind their name? The word Paiste means "shine" and it originates in the Estonian/Finland region and is pronounced as "Pie-stee".  Paiste lives up to the meaning of their name by making gongs that shine in their sound and beautiful workmanship.

What makes Paiste gongs sound so good? A combination of the materials, craftsmanship & design all contribute to the fantastic sound and effects of Paiste gongs.  Each gong contains a significant amount of Nickel-Silver and this alloy along Paiste's amazing craftsmanship & designs enables each gong to shine and live up to it's name.

What is Paiste's history? The Paiste company has history that spans over 100 years! They are an international Swiss-based company with roots in Russia and Estonia.  Much of their gong manufacturing occurs in Germany and they distribute their gongs world wide.

What are Paiste gong types? Paiste has several gong types or models, including Planet, Symphonic, Sound Creation, Accent and Deco.  Paiste's Planet and Symphonic gongs  are the most preferred gongs for sound therapistsThe smooth and rich tones of the Planet and Symphonic gongs are wonderful & beautiful therapeutic tools.

Paiste gongs are easy to play and the virtually guaranteed results for playing or listening to the Planet, Symphonic & Sound Creation gongs at soft and medium volumes is increased relaxation, increased peace & real-time rejuvenation.  One does not have to have a music degree to enjoy and receive the wonderful benefits and blessings of these amazing musical tools.

Every Paiste gong or accessory from Artdrum.com is guaranteed to be of the highest quality and backed by Paiste's limited warranty.

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For Paiste Gongs in Argentina visit http://mudrassrl.com/mudrassrl/

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