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"A good drummer listens as much as he plays." ~ Indian Proverb

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LP Udu Claytone Udu Options - Four Sizes



Stock for Claytones # 1, 3 & 4: 0 (These are expected to be in stock on 8/8/12)

Stock for Claytone # 2: 0 (This is expected to be in stock on 5/21/12)

Delivery: Ships via FedEx Ground when it comes in stock; delivery time is 2- 5 days in continental U.S.

LP Claytone Udu Options

Description: There are two holes in each Claytone, one on the side and one at the top.  Players bounce and slap their hands over the holes, and on the edge of the holes.  (Bouncing your palm on top of the holes produces a mellow, wet, liquid-like, sounds.)  Players also create various percussive sounds by slapping, tapping, knocking, rubbing, scratching the shell.

The larger the size the Claytone Udu, the deeper the bass.  Thus, the C4 udu has the warmest and deepest bass.  The four tear drop shaped Claytones are sized proportionately, so they harmonize with each other and sound great in sets.

Video: Listen with headphones to hear the bass and all the tones more clearly

udu udu drum 

Pic above: Microphone hole:

Features: LP Udus have a small hole strategically positioned for a small microphone.  A small piece of clay, which players push into the hole where the mic wire is entering/exiting keeps the mic firmly in position.

Attaching a mic increases the tonal possibilities and is great for live performances and recording sessions.  The Udu displays more volume and presence with a mic.

Sizes of LP Claytone Udus

C1: 12" (height) x 8" (widest portion)

C2: 13" (height) x 9" (widest portion)

C3: 15" (height) x 10" (widest portion)

C4: 17" (height) x 11" (widest portion)

Includes: Straw Sitting Ring (allows you play comfortably on a table top or floor) pan>

The teach drop shape of the shell is comfortable to hold and play; or the udu can be comfortably played while sitting on straw sitting ring, which comes with the udu.

The word "udu" means pottery; and comes from the Nigerian Ibo language; the simple, but musical construction is based upon centuries-old African traditions

Delivery: FedEx Ground, typically arrives in 3 - 5 days in continental U.S.

LP Claytone Udu Options



lp udus

clay drum   percussion instrument   udu drums   udu - african percussion


Udu Mics

Audio Technica Cardioid Condenser Clip-On Mic (PRO35AX)

Audio Technica mic

Audio Technica Condenser Lavier Instrument Mic (PRO70)


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